BabyTongueTie care is given by Samantha Tanak BSc(Hons) Midwifery. Reviews can be found on my facebook page or follow us on instagram for tongue tie advice/tips.

I currently work in a central London teaching hospital as a Midwife so I have extensive and current breast/infant feeding support experience. I am registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council as an Adult Nurse (qualified 2007) and as a Midwife (qualified 2010). I trained in Southampton to assess & divide tongue ties and I have full membership of The Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners, maintaining full Indemnity Insurance. BabyTongueTie is CQC registered.

On a personal note I am also a mother to two children, one of which I breastfed and the other I mix fed. I offer a practical yet evidence-based approach to the care, advice & support I give you for your baby.

I am an experienced, qualified, caring health professional who is also a parent. So if your baby requires a tongue tie division or you require infant feeding support, then I am here to help. I provide home visits only; there is no need to trek out with your baby and perhaps his/her siblings to a clinic.

The Baby Tongue Tie care ethos

You will get professional care in the comfort of your home; consisting of an infant feeding assessment and a tongue tie assessment for baby. If a tongue tie is confirmed, then the quick procedure of releasing (snipping) the tie is explained & performed with your informed consent. Feeding support is given afterwards; if baby is breast feeding then this includes positioning and attachment advice. Aftercare information and follow-up phone calls are included. A visit will last around 60 minutes. This service is for 0-6-month old breast or formula fed babies.

Correcting a tie early on is hugely beneficial but the NHS can have long waiting times for their clinics. Benefits for baby can include being more content, less windy, less dribbling from a bottle teat, improved weight gain, vomiting less, easier latch to breast that is maintained and quicker feeds. Additionally, mum can find breast feeding comfier, have less nipple trauma, longer gaps between feeds & a reduced incidence of engorgement/mastitis.

Care Costs

My fees reflect my experience and are in line with similar practitioners.

Tongue tie assessment (including infant feeding support) = £95*
Tongue tie division & assessment plus infant feeding support = £170*
* can vary on location & my travel distance.

Kumo Postnatal Support Digital Kit

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I am happy to discuss your care needs anytime and can make visits in the daytime or evening 7 days a week.

Telephone: 07853166900